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2015 summer program


The summer program kicks off with the two week Bootcamp:

Computational Mathematics Bootcamp
Tuesday May 26 – Friday June 5
Location: 239 Altgeld Hall
Instructor: Sean Shahkarami
Coordinator: Anil Hirani

Prepare and Train
Monday June 15 – Monday July 27
Location: 159 and 173 Altgeld Hall
Instructor: Boris Shapiro, Univ. of Stockholm
Topics: Random matrix pencils, their related sorting networks, monodromy, and applications to physics. Students will explore open problems using theoretical and computational methods – the problems will cover several levels of difficulty, and so both beginning students (“Prepare”) and continuing students (“Train”) are welcome. The mathematical methods will be drawn from linear algebra, spectral theory, probability, geometry, and complex analysis.


Various dates. Hosts to be arranged.

Those interested in mentoring a student in this program, please register at

Summer reports: working with applied mathematicians on real life problems


Several of our interns spent the summer working on various mathematical models stemming from real life challenges: understanding stability in power networks in their postmodern complexity; disentangling the intricacies of online search on two lines and understanding the limb development.

Below are their reports:

Nicholas Kosar, supervised by Alejandro Dominguez-Garcia;

Argen West, supervised by Prof. Zharnitsky;

Daniel Carmody and Elizabeth Field, supervised by Prof. Rapti;

Ben Fulan, supervised by Prof. Ferguson.