Hosts of the PI4 Interns are the pillars of our ecosystem. If you consider involving a math graduate student in your lab or department, please let us know – by filling out a short questionnaire, or just by dropping a line to one of the Program PIs.


  1. Department or Company/Division:
  2. Potential mentor:
  3. Contacts (phone and email):
  4. Topic of Study (a paragraph describing the nature of the project):
  5. Mathematical skills required of intern:
  6. Non-mathematical skills of the intern, desired or requested (such as software skills, subject matter knowledge etc):
  7. Desired internship period (normally interns work in summer, but there might be some degree of flexibility):
  8. Restrictions (any level of clearance? IP issues? safety training?):
  9. Anything else we need to know? (is the project open ended? any existing contacts in Math department? on campus?):
  10. References and entry points (surveys, tutorials, Wikipedia entries…):