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The program has four components. Students early in the graduate program usually do the Linear Algebra Working Group, Computational Bootcamp, and Prepare/Train Group. Students later in the graduate program usually do the Computational Bootcamp and an Internship.

1. Linear Algebra Working Group

May 15-17 (239 Altgeld Hall), led by Elliot Kaplan.

2. Computational Mathematics Bootcamp

Part I: May 20-31 (239 Altgeld Hall), led by Uma Ravat focusing on Data Science with R and Python.

3. Prepare and Train Group – Sociophysics: Bias and homophily in professional hierarchies, and Models of social group competition
Dates: June 3-July 15 (with holiday on July 4)
Location: 159 Altgeld Hall has been booked 9am-1pm each day
Instructor: Prof. Sara Clifton

The program is a “Research Experience for Graduate Students” style endeavor: after a series of introductory lectures, the students form small groups (2-5 people) to work on open-ended, interconnected problems. Students will work during the first three weeks on models for “Bias and homophily in professional hierarchies” (building on this paper). Then the groups will change around for the second three weeks, tackling problems on “Models of social group competition” (where references include this and this).

Overview. The goal is to guide students through the transition from working on “canned” problems to tackling open-ended problems and formulating the problems themselves. We expect the group work to involve a mixture of computational experiments (to generate conjectures) and theory (to prove them).

4. Internships

Various dates. Hosts to be arranged.