Many of our students did internships over Summer 2015, and we had a large group of students working in a Prepare and Train group run by Prof. Boris Shapiro. Details of these internships are contained in the reports below. See also the mini-presentations from a selected group of interns.

Scientific Internships:

  1. Stacey Butler, mentored by Dr. James O’Dwyer (Dept of Plant Biology)
  2. Hannah Burson, mentored by Dr. Rebecca Smith (Dept of Pathobiology)
  3. Jed Chou, mentored by Dr. Tandy Warnow (Dept of Computer Science)
  4. Byron Heersink, mentored by Dr. Sam Beshers (Dept of Entomology)
  5. Vanessa Rivera-Quiñones, mentored by Dr. Zoi Rapti (Dept of Mathematics) and Prof. Carla Cáceres (Dept of Animal Biology)
  6. Emily Schafly, mentored by Dr. Fatima Husein (Dept of Speech and Hearing Science)
  7. Benjamin Wright, mentored by Dr. Fatima Husein (Dept of Speech and Hearing Science)

Industrial Internships:

  1. Alessandro Gondolo and Wei Qin, hosted by Agrible
  2. Nicholas Kosar and Sushma Kini, hosted by Ameren Innovation Center
  3. Elizabeth Field and Goran Tomic, hosted by the Energy Biosciences Institute
  4. Tara Negron-Santiago and Xiao Wang, hosted by Dow AgroSciences

Prepare and Train group:

Our P&T group was mentored by Prof. Boris Shapiro of the University of Stockholm. Group reports are attached below.