Five students did internships over Summer 2018 arranged by the PI4 program (some paid from the grant, and some paid by the host). A group of 10 students worked in the “Prepare and Train” group run by Professor Stephen Melczer.

Scientific Internships

  1. Daniel Carmody, mentored by Dr. Richard Sowers (Dept of Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering)
  2. Benjamin Wright, mentored by Dr. Vlad Kindratenko (National Center for Supercomputing Applications)
  3. Dara Zirlin, mentored by Dr. Brenda Wilson (Dept of Microbiology)

Industrial Internships

  1. Lina Li, hosted by Ameren Innovation Center
  2. Joel Villatoro, hosted by Ameren Innovation Center

In total, about thirty Mathematics graduate student do internships each summer, hosted locally and nationwide. See the full list here. The PI4 grant has played a key role in catalyzing these internships.


Prepare and Train group

Our P&T group on “Algorithms for Analytic Combinatorics” was mentored by Professor Stephen Melczer. The students focussed on methods of analytic combinatorics – a field drawing inspiration from complex analysis, differential geometry, and algebraic geometry – from the perspective of computer algebra.