To help our Mathematics students to acquire – as quickly and as painlessly as possible – the basic computational skills expected in scientific and engineering research labs, PI4 will run a 2-week long Computational Mathematics Bootcamp for Graduate Students.

Date: Tuesday June 7 – Saturday June 18, 2016 (no meetings on Sat-Sun June 11-12)

Location: 239 Altgeld Hall

We hope not only to quickly raise the basic computational literacy  of PI4 members to the levels expected by their potential hosts, but, perhaps as important, to impart the culture of best practices of scientific and engineering computing.

The camp is open to all students confirmed with PI4, whether funded or not.

This is a 2 week, intensive, hands-on introduction to computation aimed at mathematics graduate students. We will prepare you to use computations for solving mathematical problems in science and engineering. In the first few introductory sessions you will learn the basics of Unix operating system. This will be followed by about 1.5 days learning to program in Python. After that, the bulk of the boot camp will be about learning to select functions from numerical computing libraries and learning to use these functions. This will be achieved through in-class computer exercises and daily projects.

The Computational Bootcamp 2016 homepage has notes, exercises and projects.

(Previous years: Computational Bootcamp 2014 homepage and 2015 homepage)